Content unlike anywhere else.

We pride ourselves on providing you with unique technical content and the best speakers the digital marketing world has to offer. Months of work go into each lecture to make sure they deliver practical tips that even seasoned marketing experts can immediately apply to their everyday work or new strategic ideas.

How do we choose MF content and speakers?
Maximizing your take-away is our mission

World elite

Every year we attend conferences all over the world to choose our speakers from the best the digital marketing world has to offer. But that’s only the beginning of the process.

Unique content

We then meet with most of the speakers in person and work on the content of their lectures to make sure they are not only unique, but also useful for you.

Lecture perfection

At the end of this process, which takes 3-4 months, we feel confident in saying that we are offering you the best speakers and lectures in a world-class conference.

Marketing Festival is a place for strategists and specialists alike.

Marty Neumeier at Marketing Festival 2015

Last year’s lecture by Marty Neumeier is a typical example of what strategists find useful. This year’s Festival will offer more lectures like his than in previous years.

Martin Roettgerding at Marketing Festival 2015

Martin Roettgerding’s lecture, on the other hand, was one of the very specialized ones. And these will be on the programme this year, too. Apart from them, specialists can look forward to in-depth workshops and useful case studies.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the stats:

Visitors of the festival according to position in company

35 %

Specialist Consultant

24 %


12 %


29 %


How did people like the content of previous Marketing Festivals?

Ade Lewis

Director of Teapot Creative

The Marketing Festival was the search conference of 2015. I was blown away by the level of the sessions, with world class speakers sharing actionable content that instantly made a difference to the way I work.

Miloš Došen

Executive Managing Director at Brisbane Digital

The Marketing Festival positively surprised me with the quality of lectures. There was no fluff content, every presentation was a learning experience and made me a better marketer.

Jānis Kursītis

CEO at SIA J Konsult

This year will be the third time I will attend this event. For me it is very important to take a part in Worksops because there I get answers to questions that have accumulated during the current year.

And what’s in store for you this year?


from the best experts


case studies,
never presented before


practical workshops,
taking place the day before the Festival begins (Thursday, Oct. 20)

The detailed programme will be announced in mid-August...

for now, though, let’s whet that appetite with a few of the workshops.

Advanced PPC automations

Richard Fergie

Make every A/B test a winner

Ondřej Ilinčev

Master Facebook ads like a kung-fu panda

David Lörincz

Marketing Festival isn’t only about technical content, though!

Get ready to network and party late into the night from Wednesday to Sunday.

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