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The main agenda – lectures in Gong

Yes, during one of the many breaks you can dive into all the various goodies we've prepared for you. This year's offer will also satisfy vegetarians, vegans and fans of gluten-free meals which will be provided by Sí, one of the most prominent restaurants in Ostava. And in order to make the queues as short as possible, catering points will be available on each of the three floors.

All taken care of. It will be provided by Laura Coffee – a top-class joint in Ostava where they even roast their own coffee. And again, we're trying to make your waiting as short as possible so they'll set up five stands all over the Gong hall, plus one extra 'Barista' stand where you can treat yourself to some delicious filtered coffee and get to know the brewing process with expert baristas.

We're working really hard to make sure that internet access will be as strong as possible during the lectures. Join: SSID: Marketing Festival Pass: hellyeah

This year's #mktfest lectures will all be in English.

Wherever you like. Besides, every time you change your seat is another opportunity to meet the new, interesting people sitting next to you, and from there you can grab a cup of coffee together during the break!

Yes, we'll do our best to offer as many as possible, however we can't possibly guarantee one for each of the 1.500 attendees.

Yes, but only during the lectures and panel discussion – not during case studies. We'll soon specify how the process will work.

Nope, we don't like to impose any rules here, just take whatever clothes you'll feel comfortable in during the long lectures. You can't go wrong with business casual though.

Yes, just like every year we'll be shooting awesome videos which you'll get a month after the conference for free.


There will be four parties altogether – two smaller and two really massive ones. Find out more in Jindrich's latest blogpost blogpost.

Yup, but only to the Saturday party due to capacity concerns. You can get the extra wristbands at our Festival information point in Gong (however, we've only got a limited supply of those).

Of course! But unlike the catering during lectures, it's not covered by the ticket price. You can look forward to some pretty great stuff – sushi, curry, belgian fries, burgers, quesadillas... There'll be loads of food and all the bars will go full throttle – you can pay in CZK, EUR and there's an ATM near every party venue.


Workshops will be held in the Banska University campus (17. listopadu, Ostrava-Poruba). You should have all the info in your inbox right now but just to recap, all the workshops can be seen here. And if you have any questions, feel free to pop in at our reception in the main University building (NA) where our team will help you. Here's a map of the area.

Yes, we're working with the University to ensure maximum internet capacities for all attendees.

Yes, there will be some light catering in the lecture rooms. You can have a cup of coffee in the main campus building (NA, see map ) or in the Kovork café in the CPI building (but have some cash ready, unfortunately they don't accept credit cards).

We're sorry but that's no longer possible.

No. Each workshop is mainly focused on the interaction between the small group of attendees and its leader (the speaker).

Getting around and parking in Ostrava

In both the University campus and the Gong auditorium, you can park safely, but we cannot guarantee how many free space will be available since both are public areas. If you'd like to park safely in the city centre, we recommend the Nová Karolina shopping centre.

We recommend getting around by tram, it's the most convenient kind of public transport in Ostrava. On Thursday, you should get off at the Hlavní třída tram stop for the quickest way to the workshops, on Friday, it's best to get off at the Vítkovice vysoké pece tram stop.

We're very glad that we have the Liftago app on board, they've reserved 70 taxis for the attendees of #mktfest. And if their capacities are full, try the local City Taxi Ostrava at 00420 800 290 000.

Getting to & from hotels outside Ostrava

Since some of you are accommodated in Frýdek-Místek or Šilheřovice. On this page are named few possibilities, how to get from these locations to the venue in (Ostrava–Gong, address: Ruská 2993, 703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice), in case you don’t use your own car.


Local taxi services are ready to take to the venue (Ostrava–Gong, address: Ruská 2993, 703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice). Here are few of them:
Taxi Kaktus, tel.: +420 800 241 124, +420 608 803 132 Taxi Express, tel.: +420 800 333 666 Taxi Hipí, tel.: +420 775 212 168


Download special app Liftago, add your payment details and pick the best available taxi driver near you, to get to the venue (Ostrava–Gong, address: Ruská 2993, 703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice).


In a city centre of Frýdek-Místek there is a train station. The most suitable transport link can be found at this website (From: Frýdek-Místek, To: Ostrava-Stodolní). Train ride takes about 30 minutes. You should get off in station Ostrava-Stodolní and use the city public transport from here (take a tram, lines number 1 or 2). As soon as you arrive to the stop Vítkovice, Vysoké pece, you should get off and walk by feet to the Gong (venue). Don’t forget to buy your tickets before you get on train.

Special Marketing Festival shuttle

If you are accommodated in Frýdek-Místek or Šilheřovice, you can use our special shuttle service from Thursday’s evening to Saturday’s late night hours. Please, look carefully at our schedule.

How to recognize Marketing Festival shuttle?

Shuttles will be marked with a big Marketing Festival logo.

Tickets (changes, registration)

Yes, it's possible to do so until midnight Tuesday 18th Oct. Then we send the data to the printers and no further changes will be possible.

Yes, in your account on the website. The deadline is still there though – midnight Tuesday 18th Oct.

If you change the ticket owner, all workshops associated with that ticket will be transferred along with it.

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