You’re Making My Brain Hurt! The Psychology Behind Terrible Conversion Experiences


Remember that time you filled out 27 mandatory form fields (including fax) to get a free quote? Or when you had to fill out all these 27 fields again because you didn't check “Terms & Conditions”? What about the time the “Special Offer!” overlay hijacked your screen on your phone so you couldn’t buy anything? Yep, stuff like this can turn the most mild-mannered people into wall-punching maniacs. But why are these experiences so frustrating? What actually happens in our brains? In this session, we’ll examine the psychology behind terrible conversion experiences and identify specific tactics for avoiding them.

Michael Lykke Aagaard

Senior Conversion Optimizer, Unbounce

Michael belongs among the world’s elite in CRO. For seven years he worked as a consultant helping companies make the best use out of the Internet,and now he works for Unbounce. If you liked Oli Gardner last year, then you're bound to find Michael’s lecture nothing short of fascinating.

Marketing Festival wouldn't be complete without the topic of conversion rate optimization and Michael's lecture will be something truly special – he's spent half a year refining it down to the finest detail. So even though it won't be the first time he's ever presented it, we're sure you won't be disappointed.

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