Speaking Up for Experiences


For all the attention given to design and UX in recent years, here’s the truth: Most companies are not set up to truly deliver the kind of rich experiences we're used to getting from mediums like film or games. And speaking frankly, things like “feelings” “experiences” and “emotions” are intangible. Businesses are trained to prioritize, quantify, and measure tangible things, things that promise a clear payoff. Stephen will share his very own framework which you you can use to balance what's right for the business and what's right for the customer.

Stephen P. Anderson

Chief Experience Officer, Bloom Board

Originally a teacher, Stephen will show you how to project psychology into user experience. He's used his experience in product design to create Mental Notes, a tool currently used by marketers all over the world for just this purpose.

This year, we're aiming to bring more strategic lectures to our stage and this will definitely be one of them. Even though Stephen is a true UX expert, expect a fair bit more than being told what colour you should paint all the buttons on your website.

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