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Data Science is relatively new, but the ideas and techniques that form the underpinnings for this evidence-oriented discipline have a solid foundation in hundreds of years of scientific development. In order to understand the new science of data, one must first understand the science of science. The Scientific Method, the unintended effects of repeated significance testing and Simpson’s paradox: this talk will focus on the practical applications of the theoretical constructs that lie at the heart of Data Science; and expand on some potential pitfalls of statistical analysis that you are likely to encounter when venturing into the field.

Lukas Vermeer

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Lukas is an experienced data science professional with a background in both computing science and machine learning. A strong advocate of "evidence-based everything", he is forever learning and trying to help machines and people do the same.

Another in-house expert of an incredibly successful company, Lukas is far from being a marketer – he is a data scientist to the core.

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